ALPOLIC is a composite material made of aluminum and plastic. ALPOLIC®/fr is a fire-rated ACM composed of aluminum skins and the fire-retardant core (non-combustible mineral filled core). It passes most countries’ fire-safety codes for exterior and interior. Compared with solid aluminum panels, ALPOLIC®/fr is lightweight, rigid and flat. The surface finish is a coating of fluorocarbon paint. Die Coater that we use in the continuous coil coating line ensures uniform color and smooth coating. The coating variation includes NaturArt Series (Stone, Timber, Metal, and Abstract), produced with a unique image-transfer coating.


ALPOLIC®/fr is composed of non-combustible mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm thick aluminum. Total thickness is 3, 4 or 6mm. The topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a wash coating.

Chalian Corporation, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners, Alpolic Composite Material
Chalian Corporation, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners, Alpolic Composite Material Chalian Corporation, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners, Alpolic Composite Material

Paint System

ALPOLIC™ paint coating offers a variety of colors and patterns, and a wide range of gloss effects from 15% to 80%. With its 40+ years of experience, ALPOLIC™ paint coating is recognized as the most durable and reliable paint coating system in the external cladding field.


ALPOLIC™ for external applications is regularly coated on its exposed surface side with a first-class fluorocarbon paint system. The standard coating warranty period is conditionally 20 years. In addition to the regular ISO quality management system, ALPOLIC™ quality control assures the deepest satisfaction to the customer seeking high-end products. We have confidence not only in the high grade of the paint itself, but also in color consistency throughout the production lots. ALPOLIC™ paint coating is usually evaluated with chamber tests such as accelerated weathering, salt spray, etc. It is also checked regularly by means of actual decades-long exposure in harsh coastal climates.

Chalian Corporation, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners, Alpolic Composite Material


Our standard and semi-standard colors covers most popular finishes used in many buildings over the world in recent decades. ALPOLIC™ standard colors have represented part of tradition in modern architectural buildings. ALPOLIC™ paint coating has proved its long- lasting durability and overwhelming presence throughout the history of external cladding applications.

Haute Couture

ALPOLIC™ Paint Coating provides unlimited styles to the building designer. Tailor-made colors are our outstanding technology that highlight an architect’s personality. We are ready to provide maximum service upon choosing among the widest range of colors, gloss, and patterns available and withstands to external cladding.

Fire Performance

The core material between the metal skins plays main role of the fire performance of composite materials. ALPOLIC™/fr is exclusively designed in order to meet most of all the fire regulations over the world without any limitations to the building cladding applications. Without losing original properties of ALPOLIC™, such as flatness, strength, durability, and easy processing etc, Mitsubishi Plastics pursues total balance of the panel at the same time it achieves the best performance on the fire safety.

• Fluorocarbon Paint
• Excellent Colour Uniformity
• Superior Flatness
• Fire Safety
• Lightweight & High Rigidity
• Rust Prevention
• Protective Backing Coating
• Workability
• Recycling